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Food Sensitivity / Allergy IgG4 test
Food Safe Panel

Inflammatory response of the immune system to a food trigger or allergen can be assessed through a food sensitivity assessment. Sometimes the symptoms are almost immediate, and this makes cause and effect easily discernible. However, there is a delayed food sensitivity. This delayed food sensitivity reactions are insidious and chronic, which may lead to chronic inflammatory response in the body.

The laboratory measure food-specific IgG4 antibodies using ELISA method for the assessment of delayed food allergies. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most abundant antibody class representing approximately 75% of the total antibody pool present in the blood. There are 4 subclasses named in the order of their abundance in the blood. IgG4 is the least represented IgG subclass in blood. Under chronic allergen exposure, IgG4 levels increase dramatically creating a strong IgG4 response. IgG4 has a very high affinity or attraction to allergens, unlike the other subclasses, which makes it ideal for assessing chronic food sensitivities, rather than total IgG.

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