How Are We Different?

Why Do We Provide CBP Care?

CBP Structural Rehabilitation takes time, not just for the patient but also for the practitioner. As CBP Chiropractor, we understand completely the process needed for our patients to achieve optimal spinal alignment. More importantly, we recognize the benefits and importance of a proper spinal alignment to an individual’s health.

Proper spinal alignment is at the core of the Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) method of treatment.

At Essential Chiropractic Singapore, our Chiropractor is trained and certified to provide CBP® Rehabilitation that has been validated by science with predictable and proven results, to ensure our clients receive the best spinal structural rehabilitative care.

How Are We Different?

CBP Chiropractor
Comprehensive Consultation Yes
Orthopedic Evaluation Yes
Neurological Evaluation Yes
Digital Postural Analysis Yes
Biomechanical X-ray Analysis Yes
Before and After X-ray Analysis Yes
Measurable changes on X-ray Yes
Personalized Adjustment Yes
Structural Spinal Traction Therapy Yes
Use of Spinal Orthotics Yes
Home Rehab Exercise Yes
Scientifically Proven, Personalized Treatment Plan Yes
Reliability, Validity, & Consistency Yes
Short, Quick and Rushing Treatment Session No
Treatment Plan Validated By Scientific Rationale Yes

CBP Technique is not just another trend or fad. It comes with years of clinical research and peer-reviewed publications – more than 130 clinical trials and research studies conducted over more than three decades prove that the techniques and methods of Chiropractic BioPhysics produce results. The CBP research team consists of mathematicians, engineers, Medical Doctors, Statisticians, Doctors of Chiropractic and other professionals from multiple fields. This team of researchers has thoroughly investigated all aspects of the CBP Technique spinal rehabilitation methods. As a result, it is safe to say that CBP Chiropractors use tested and proven techniques for remodelling your spine from top to bottom.

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