Is it worth to restore your spinal alignment?

There are many health benefits that a balanced spinal alignment is able to provide. However, does it worth the time and effort to gain these benefits? Perhaps we should consider some simple concepts to help us on this important decision –

  • Would you live in a house with supporting columns that are not bio-mechanically balanced?
  • Would you work in an office building with poor foundation support?
  • Would you sit on a chair that can’t support you?
  • Would you ride on a bike that is poorly-built for 50 miles?
  • Would you drive your family members in a mechanically-faulty car?

If you have the option to choose, would you put yourselves in the above-mentioned scenario?


Biggest challenge – a lack of awareness?

Speaking from a bio-mechanical standpoint, the answer is obvious. It is absolutely essential to have a human frame that is strong and balanced, that’s why it is so important to restore your spinal alignment. One big reason is that proper spinal balance help to fight against the gravitational force that every one of us would have to endure on a daily basis. In my previous post, I have provided some studies from a few prestigious medical journals that clearly stated the importance of a balanced spine. But why isn’t everyone taking care of their spinal health properly? Well, because the awareness is weak.  Many people are oblivious that spinal health can affect our general well being and they have absolutely no idea that spinal alignment can be corrected conservatively, through non-invasive method of care. What’s worse, many practitioners/clinicians, even Chiropractors are not aware of this.


What is required to ensure successful corrective change? Why Spinal Manipulation alone doesn’t work?

The fact that so many factors involved in the corrective process, only a proper rehabilitative treatment plan can accurately address the bio-mechanical problems in the spine. In other words, conventional / traditional Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) that takes five minutes to deliver are not sufficient in re-aligning the spine. That is because adequate sustained loading to the spinal ligament is not applied and therefore long term corrective changes cannot be achieved through SMT. In other words, SMT should result in no permanent tissue length changes. Human ligaments are complex biological structure, one should not expect a change with a few push and pull along the spinal joints. This is important to understand because many who undergo SMT are not aware of this and have unrealistic expectation. While it is true that people would enjoy pain management benefits through SMT from Chiropractors,Osteopaths,Physical Therapist,TCM doctor or Physiotherapist, but they should understand that due to the biological properties of human ligaments, a High Velocity,Low Amplitude (HVLA) spinal manipulation to the joints should lead to no long-term changes to the spinal curve, which is primarily supported and stabilized by the spinal ligament. Therefore, the answer is clear – Corrective spinal traction is essential to ensure effective changes in ligamentous tissues that exhibit elastic and viscoplastic properties. This is true even in an advanced case of spinal osteoarthritis.



Example of a cervical spine curve correction. 

CBP Chiropractic Singapore

Presented here is a successful case of structural correction of the cervical spine using a patient-centered Chiropractic rehabilitative technique in our practice.

Accuracy and precision that we deliver during the adjustment and corrective traction therapy were the key elements to reverse the straightening of this cervical spine. Not to forget the discipline and commitment from this individual – a crucial factor !

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