Want to see a Chiropractor for your spinal health?

Here are the detailed descriptions if you are looking at what to expect during your initial consultation.






Thorough consultation
With the respect of not everyone is the same, we appreciate the time spent to properly understand your concerns before any clinical actions are carried out. Only through a detailed understanding of your case, we can carefully investigate the important factors that contribute to your pain and discomfort.
Postural examination
Your posture is the window to your spine. A few body landmarks are used to assist us in evaluating your posture. The result of this gives us a clue to how your spine is functioning and supporting you against gravity.

Spinal examination

A static posture evaluation is indeed very important as part of the procedure to determine what and how can we help you in addressing your aches and pain. However, a closer look and check on your spinal bone is also essential. Localized soreness, imbalance muscles bulk, loss of normal range of motion of your spinal joints or myofascial trigger points are some of pertinent examination findings to assist us in helping you further.

Orthopedic physical examination / Neurological screening

To locate the cause of your pain, some orthopedic testings will be carried out. These physical tests are used by clinicians to rule in or out specific musculoskeletal problems. They are performed to help in the differential diagnosis of your condition and/or injury. In some conditions that may involve neurological components, a neurological screening test may be performed. If abnormalities are detected or suspected, you may be referred to a neurologist for further comprehensive neurological examinations.

Clinical findings – its relevance to your clinical symptoms

At the end of the consultation and examination, our Chiropractor will explain and discuss all the the relevant clinical findings with you. We value this step heavily as we think it is crucial for you to understand what is the potential cause of your discomfort. More importantly, our experience tells us that those who understand their condition better, participate more actively in the treatment process and achieve better clinical outcome.

Receiving Chiropractic Care

If your condition is one that we can help with, you may then undergo a treatment session with us during your first visit. However, if further clarification is required to rule out certain conditions, imaging like a MRI or X-rays may be suggested. In those circumstances, a detailed explanation regarding your imaging will be provided in your subsequent visit. Once again, this is an important step to make sure you understand better with your condition and how these findings are contributing to your pain and discomfort.

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