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Sleep is one of the best things that we can do for our health and vitality. We all know the importance of sleep and try to fit 6-8 hours of good quality sleep into our life everyday as it enables the body to repair and get energized for the next day. That said, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by if one is dealing with too much stress, over caffeinated, neurotransmitters imbalances, poor sleeping environment and more. Perhaps, a pillow can also be an important factor that can affect one’s quality of sleep, and finding the best one is no simple task. Denneroll Pillow may be your solution.


So, if your sleeping environment isn’t comfortable, you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage. That’s why prioritizing your sleeping comfort should be a key step in establishing a healthy sleep routine. While much has been focus on choosing the right mattress, finding the right pillow is just as important for comfortable sleeping. Introducing here is a uniquely designed pillow that has been tested to provide proper support for your cervical spine while lying on back and side. It is a multi-functional pillow which includes a flip-out feature providing maximum surface area for it to be turned and function as two separate pillow allowing for both side lying support and back sleeping posture positions.


Reducing Forward Head Posture While You Sleep

One problem with majority of the pillows on the market is that it pushes the neck to be positioned forward when a person is sleeping on the back. This posture also flattens the natural curvature in the neck, which may have an impact in narrowing the airway in back sleeping position. Since it is well researched that forward head posture can lead to various negative health consequences, why allow it to happen when you sleep?

Sleeping Pillow

Sleeping Pillow


Denneroll Pillow _ Chiropractic Singapore

The Denneroll Pillow, on the other hand, comes with a patented inserts that support your neck and prevents your neck curve from flattening and reducing your airway. A better neck curvature and reduced forward head posture on the pillow help reduces muscle tension, improves airway diameter and flow, and maximizes blood flow to the brain for the ultimate regenerative sleep. Denneroll Pillow is made from a unique hygienic closed cell memory foam with ribbed surface contours providing maximum comfort and cooling for a restful sleep.

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