Spinal curvature – the key to healthy life

Over and over again, we have been talking about how important is the spinal curvature to a person health. Also, how the spinal curves can affect a person musculoskeletal health. Here is just a short list of the benefits of having a healthy spine:

  • Better movement
  • Image result for european spine journalLesser aches and pain
  • Stronger posture
  • Healthier life
  • Better sport performance
  • Lesser restricted motion
  • More Flexible
  • and more

Recently a research study has looked into this topic again to examine how important is one’s spinal curvature to the trunk muscles, even when the individual is not experiencing any symptoms of pain and discomfort. The outcome of the study has been published in the European Spine Journal, authored by Walaa Elsayed, Ahmed Farrag, Qassim Muaidi, and Nora Almulhim. Sharing here is the key points from abstract of the research study.

The Study

They gather 79 asymptomatic spine and measure their thoracic and lumbar curve angles. This measurement was done using the Formetric 4D device. In order to achieve an indicator of the spinal balance, the Thoracolumbar ratio was calculated. They then test the trunk muscles of these 79 subjects in  60°/s seated and semi-standing positions. Their result found that both trunk flexion and extension are closely associated with the spinal curvatures. A better balanced spine with healthy curvatures is stronger with better trunk muscle strength.

The conclusion

They come to a conclusion that side way spinal curvatures and balance are associated with trunk muscles strength in adults, particularly, the lumbar spine muscles. Therefore, assessment of sagittal spinal balance and trunk muscles strength should be taken into consideration when designing rehabilitation programs for correction of spine.

Please refer to https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00586-017-5454-3 for more details of this study.

Once again with this study, we are confident to continue advice everyone to take good care of their spine and try to obtain and maintain a proper sagittal balance. Sagittal balance means side way balance of the spine. It is absolutely realistic and achievable to correct your spinal curvature under a trained and certified Chiropractor in the field of structural rehabilitation. If you or someone you know are looking for a solution for your spinal problem through conservative treatment method, don’t hesitate to call us for further inquiry. We focus on both spinal corrective rehabilitation and pain relief management.

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