Want to know more tips to achieve healthier and stronger spine?  The world celebrates World Spine Day on the 16th of October annually. We are excited to be involved as a supporting organization to help promote and raise awareness about the importance of spinal health. As a Chiropractor, it is my privilege to have witnessed so many individuals regain their health and vitality when their spine is being taken care of. The backbone of our body, as the name suggests, is really the foundation for a vibrant health. Not only it provides structural support for the entire skeletal frame, but also protects the most delicate yet important structure in our body – the nervous system. Just like how other important organs like the heart and lungs are protected by the skeletal frame of our ribcage, the spinal cords and the branching nerves are shielded by the spinal column.

In conjunction with the celebration of the World Spine Day in the middle of this month, we wish to provide some tips on how to maintain a healthy spine for a healthy life. With its theme “Straighten up and move” in 2016, here are some important guides that can definitely give you a stronger, healthier spine.

Spinal Alignment – Our backbone is meant to have three distinctive curves that serve to provide best biomechanical advantage to our body and allow the spinal cord within stay in a relaxed position. The best way to know your spinal alignment better is to consult a CBP certified Chiropractor.

Physical Exercise – If exercise can be prescribed in pills and bottled up, I am sure that every doctor will have this formula on their dispensary list. We simply cannot ignore the benefits of exercise have on human spine and overall health. Active physical movements are what the spine needs to maintain its flexibility.

Flexibility – As mentioned above, the flexibility of the spine is important for a strong, healthy spine. A rigid spine without flexibility combined with the loss of natural curvatures puts an individual into higher risk of injuries.

Hydration – The “gel-like” structure that sits between our vertebrae along the spine require adequate hydration to prevent premature wear and tear. Without proper hydration, these structures start to shrink and become more susceptible to early degeneration. As the intervertebral discs shrink and dehydrate, it also leads to lesser flexibility of the entire spine.

Postural Habits – Try to take note of your posture for just one day. It is not surprising that you will adopt to a posture that the conscious mind knows is unhealthy to the spine. But, you just can’t help to get out from this unfavorable posture. Bad postural habits that have been cultivated for years/decades can lead tremendous damage to the spine and their surrounding tissues.

Best Wishes,
Dr Chew Wei Lun
D.C., CFMP®, Certified CBP®

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