Acute Low Back Pain – (A Case Report)Earlier this week, I had the privilege to provide a house call Chiropractic treatment session to a middle-aged gentleman at Pasir Ris. It was a case of acute low back pain. The acute low back pain started on last Saturday when Alan bent over to pick up something from the floor. Since then, he was not able to straighten up his back and started to feel pain into his right lower back. Walking was a struggle, his right leg has to externally rotate (foot pointing out) to compensate every step he takes.

This wasn’t the first episode, he had it before about 8 years ago. The pain in his first encounter lasted for about 2 months before he can resume his daily activities again. This time he was worried as he is now in a foreign country. Alan came from Scotland and supposed to return later that night. However, his condition obviously stopped him from boarding the plane and have to postpone his flight a day later. Pain medications was taken three times a day since Sunday. Not only that didn’t help with his acute low back pain, he started to get stomach upset from it. So, that was when he recalled his wife seeing a Chiropractor back home for her sciatica.

On the 31st of October, Alan had his first Chiropractic experience with me for his acute low back pain. The result was good. As miraculous as it may seems to some, but for those who have witnessed or experienced in the past can definitely understand. He stood up straight, walking with his foot point forward (normal), and his movements had improved. He reported at least 60% improvement after the first Chiropractic adjustment. I visited him again the following day and he was just as great. Another session of treatment gave him a big smile and hope he had a comfortable journey on his way home.

Dr Chew Wei Lun
D.C., CFMP®, Certified CBP®

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