In our previous post, we presented you a randomized controlled trial of chiropractic treatment done on migraine patients. That’s moving up another level up in the hierarchy of research. Maybe it is important enough to stress on what is this level of research all about, and let’s explore what is the significance of it? And more importantly how are they being carried that yield a greater significance as compared to other methods of research.

(Randomized Controlled Trial) for Chiropractic helps migraine.

It is important to know that the main goal of running a (Randomized Controlled Trial) RCT is to test whether an intervention is effective by comparing it to a control condition, usually either no intervention or an alternative intervention. And how to conduct such research is what gives this type of research a more superior advantage over the others.

A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) is a controlled study in which participants are assigned to a study group randomly. In this type or research experiment, participants are assigned to treatment conditions at random, which means that they have an equal probability of being assigned to any group. In addition, there are controlled methods to safeguard all participants in all study groups. They are tested in the same manner except for the factor that is unique to their particular randomly assigned group. The unique factor is the type of intervention they receive.

So the random assignation of subjects is what allows the study’s outcomes from a RCT to be attributed to differences between the intervention and control conditions. Hence, the use of an RCT design provides the researcher confidence that the difference in outcome between treatment and control were actually caused by the treatment, since random assignation equalizes the group on all other variables.

Stay tuned for more evidence supporting chiropractic treatment for migraine patients.

Have a pleasant day,
Dr Chew Wei Lun
D.C., CFMP®, Certified CBP®

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