What does corrective chiropractic mean to you? 

Corrective Chiropractic is a conservative rehabilitative technique specialized in correcting your spinal alignment. It is getting very common for people to experience pain and discomfort. For example, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder stiffness or headache are the common one in this modern era. Unfortunately, many individuals do not experience symptoms in the early stage of spinal misalignment.  So, this is why many people we see in office are usually already in the cycle of chronic pain and disability.

Main common reason for spinal misalignment are:

  • Heavy usage of technological devices,
  • slips and falls,
  • motor vehicle accidents and
  • poor sedentary lifestyles

One has to understand that our spine is the core structure of the musculo-skeletal system. With the weakening of this core structure, our muscles, ligaments, and tendons (dynamic stabilizers) have to start working harder to provide additional support. Usually, this ended up with obvious ligaments tightness or muscle imbalances on one area of the body more than the other. As a result, a common thought will be it is a soft tissue “injury”. That’s why most treatment only focuses on the muscles and ligaments.

Understand your body

Anatomically, a muscle functions to move a joint and ligaments attached from bone to bone to stabilize a joint. When the alignment of the spine is abnormal, the spinal joints will not function at it best. That means:

  • the angle of the joint may be altered,
  • the range of motion may be affected and
  • loading to these dysfunction joints is different

from what a normal joint would have to bear.

As a result of that, muscle and/or ligaments tension changes to compensate the dysfunctional joint. This is to make sure that our body will be able to continue to move and carry out daily activities/tasks. This is the early stage and it rarely cause any symptom of pain and discomfort, even though motion restriction is often felt by the person.

Therefore, to properly address the source of the problem, one must look into the spine as a core supporting structure of the body. Imagine only putting cement on a column that has no foundation framework within. How strong the column can be? It is the same to the body. You can choose to treat just the muscle or build “stronger” muscles, you will still be experiencing pain/discomfort if the spine is not aligned.

Ultimate solution for your pain

In Corrective Chiropractic, structural rehabilitation of the spine is achieved through reconditioning the extraspinal muscles and most importantly the ligaments that surround the entire spinal column. Only through these reconditioning, the structure will improve for the better so are the pain and functionality. Find out more from our other blog posts which explain further on how exactly this process is done conservatively and successfully in our practise. You may also visit our certified practitioner in Corrective Chiropractic for a consultation to understand better what we do differently here.  Call us at 98546806 to schedule an appointment.

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