Dizziness, nausea and/or motion sickness

These are common symptoms experienced by many individuals of all ages. The balancing system in our body is a very intricate mechanism that involves many areas of the body. It is not uncommon to have patients walking into a chiropractic practice with the complaint of nausea, dizziness or even motion sickness. However, not many people understand how can a chiropractor helps in reducing such discomfort. More importantly, not many are aware that Chiropractic care can effectively treat some causes of dizziness. Discussing with you here in this short writing is how chiropractic helps with nausea and dizziness.

* The original source of information is extracted from the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

“Balance is comprised of an integration of three main senses: visual senses, inner ear senses and proprioception or information from the joints. In terms of where in the body the proprioceptive system is most important or where we can have the most influence, the cervical spine and particularly the top two joints in the neck have an exponential amount of leverage. That influences this. Straight away, chiropractors can have a great impact just on that.” – Australian Spinal Research Foundation

In terms of what a chiropractor can do to impact the vestibular system function, and in particular motion sickness, it all starts with the basics: we know that adjusting the upper cervical spine can have incredible impacts on brain function. That is to realign the vertebrae in the upper neck spine. Much of the body’s balancing information comes through that upper neck area.

Besides adjusting the upper spine, it’s important to understand what influences dizziness, nausea or any of those symptoms. Almost all of the joints in our body provide us enormous feedback regarding our position of sense. Assessing these joints and providing therapy to restore their structure and function is important. When there is a fault in the joint position there is an interference in the feedback loop to the brain. When we adjust that we start seeing influence and dizziness and sense of balancing improves.

As stated, restoring proper spinal function has the potential to have a huge impact on how the body is functioning and its effect on motion sickness. This is such important work for us as chiropractors: to allow the body to restore normal neurological function.

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