Functional Medicine is still generally unknown to the public. However, with the voices and movement from a few Functional Medicine Physicians in the U.S like Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Frank Lipman lauding it as the future of medicine, it is becoming more mainstream.

“Functional Medicine is simply the opposite of Dysfunctional Medicine”, once explained by Dr. Mark Hyman.

The standard model of healthcare from the conventional medicine is consistently showing its incompetence in managing chronic lifestyle diseases that has produced enormous burden to the society. These are the disease that millions of people around the world are battling with on a daily basis, and that they are so eager for a better and enhanced healthcare solution.

So, when drugs and surgeries are failing miserably in the care of chronic illnesses, what can functional medicine assist in dealing with these chronic diseases?

Biochemical insults, biomechanical imbalances, psychological traumas, lifestyles stressors, or the combination of these are often the reason behind a dis-eased body. These are all obvious through the lens of a functional medicine practitioner, that’s why the functional medicine model of treatment focuses on the interplay of all systems, approaching the body as a whole.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

So often that conventional medicine only focus on the signs and symptoms that a person has without attending to the underlying dysfunctions. Perhaps, finding the missing piece of the puzzle is what required for a better medical approach? Perhaps the only way to explore this is to have a more comprehensive understanding of the person?

This defines the unique part of Functional Medicine, and why Functional Medicine can be the future of medicine in ameliorating major healthcare burden. It is this significant difference that represents the unique approach in the field of functional medicine, as this marks an important start in a person’s healing journey.

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