Chiropractic helps to improve your neck curve. A healthy human spine has three distinctive curves from the side view, providing structural support and balance for the body. And perhaps the most important curve is the neck curve (Cervical Lordosis). It refers to an inward curvature along the neck, essential to our general health.

It is generally thought that this curve only start to develop after birth; hence it is often being called as the secondary curve of the spine. However, this is a myth to be dispelled.  As early as 1977, researchers Bagnall et al reported that a cervical lordotic curve begins to form in intrauterine life (9.5 weeks). Foetuses start to use their neck muscles to begin forming the neck curve, even before the extra uterine effects of gravity begin to train the muscles at the back of the neck. With this, we know that our neck curve starts to form even before birth and with an increase in magnitude after birth as we raise our head and start to sit up.

But, why is it so important that the neck curve is formed even before birth? There must be some significance that it serves in the body. The neck of the human body is really a biomechanical marvel that serves to protect the neck from damage, acts as shock absorber to reduce the force (stress and strains) on the spine, spinal cord and nerves. It also plays an important role in allowing proper nerve flow to be transmitted to the rest of the body from the brain.

So, it is when there is a loss of this inward curvature in the neck; we start to experience pain, fatigue, headache, dizziness, and all sorts of dysfunctions that prevent us from living with an optimum health. However, rehabilitating the neck back to its normal magnitude of cbpcurve is not entirely impossible. Look for a CBP certified practitioner in our centre that can deliver you a patient-centered corrective rehabilitation program. We look forward to serve you for a better health.

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