Thousands of people in Singapore visit their medical doctors each year hoping for a solution to eliminate their migraine headaches. Not surprisingly, most will only receive a brief exam and a prescription of pain medications to take home.

Unfortunately, many healthcare providers ignore the root cause of this sometimes-debilitating disease. Chronic headaches and migraines may be a direct result of misalignments in your neck. Poor posture, automobile or workplace accidents, or sports injuries are often the reasons behind these spinal alignment issue. With the advancement we have in the technological world, most people would hunch over in front of a computer screen all day. If this isn’t enough, they then come home for another session of computers and television. Every chance they get, they will have our smart phones out to check on the latest updates on social media.

Improper Spinal Alignment cause migraine headaches. 

As a result of these poor postural choices and sedentary lifestyles, we are causing misalignments in our spine. Furthermore this spinal alignment problem puts unnecessary pressure on the delicate nerves, affecting our general health. These nerves play an important role for the function and the health of our organs.

Therefore, one should realise and practice healthy lifestyle changes like better postural habits, proper hydration, and most importantly correction of the spinal misalignment. Correction of imbalances in our spinal alignment will not only eliminate headaches and migraines from its source, but ensure a healthy body for decades to come.

It is not impossible to regain your health and vitality through proper spinal alignment. Spinal remodelling technique (Chiropractic BioPhysics) is the way. The spine is positioned in the opposite direction of the postural misalignment with sustained traction force at the right angle. The effect and health benefits of just treatment is that the spinal alignment will slowly be restored. For example, in the case of a migraine headache caused by spinal alignment. Through proper spinal remodelling treatment, the neck curvature will be corrected and hence eliminate the migraine headache.

If you or your friends and family are needlessly suffering from neck and back pain, headaches, migraines, poor posture, or spinal misalignment, our certified CBP chiropractor can help. Our doctor focus on Chiropractic BioPhysics® or Corrective Chiropractic Care. As the name implies, this scientific chiropractic method aims to realign the spine back to its normal curvature. This correction will help to alleviate your migraine from its source.

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