What causes neck pain? 

Repetitive injuries, occupational stresses, postural stresses and accidents all contribute to the “normal” neck pain that most people would refer to. While neck pain is getting more common than before, it is definitely not a normal phenomenon. So often we attribute the pain to the external factors without thinking about the underlying factors. So, how can these underlying factors caused one to be more susceptible to suffer from neck pain.

It is indisputable that our neck should have an inward arch (lordosis) as discussed in our previous posts. This anatomy marvel is the underlying factor that ensure one to have a better spinal mechanics. Also, it reduces the likelihood of one getting injured and less vulnerable to pain. In addition, the lack of normal neck curvature is correlated to many health problems. We will focus on the relationship between reduced cervical lordosis and neck pain in this post.

  • Surgical and non-surgical studies have emphasized that individuals with reduced or reversal of cervical curve have statistically increases in neck, upper back and shoulder pain.
  • Individuals with plate fusion in front of the neck from surgery have lesser neck pain and better neck curvature compared to those without plate fusion.
  • Cervical kyphosis (reversal of cervical curve) leads to overall spinal malalignment, postural changes of the shoulders, neck pain, headache and possibly even low back pain.
  • Cervical kyphosis is a factor predicting a poor outcome for those suffered from whiplash injury.

It is clear that the loss of neck curvature is an abnormal finding and is disastrous to our overall health. So, how do we change and most importantly is it possible to correct the alignment to a healthy one?

How do we help neck pain? 

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) has the solution for you if you are looking for the most researched and advanced form of spinal remodelling technique for the correction of your spinal alignment. Through the detailed understanding of spinal mechanics, physics, mathematics, biology and more, CBP practitioner ensure you the predictable outcome of correction.

Therefore, put the guess work to an end from Chiropractic clinics that sell you invalidated treatment plan while delivering you only a quick and rushing treatment session. At Essential Chiropractic And Functional Medicine Centre, we focus in delivering corrective rehabilitation with individualised and patient-centred treatment plan. Visit https://essentialchiropractic.sg//chiropractic-biophysics/why-do-we-provide-cbp-care/  and https://idealspine.com/what-is-cbp/ for more understanding about us. Feel free to call us at (65)64937293 to book a thorough consultation to better understand your spine and how can we help with your neck pain.


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Dr Chew Wei Lun
D.C., CFMP®, Certified CBP®

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